Assistant Nursery Caregiver




The assistant nursery caregiver assists the lead nursery caregiver with the responsibility of the safe-keeping and spiritual nurture of children in the church nursery. In addition the assistant nursery caregiver is responsible for the peace of mind and trust of parents bringing their children to Olivet’s nursery, and the enhancement of the experience of church volunteers who share in this ministry. Finally, the assistant caregiver is responsible, along with the lead nursery caregiver, for the cleanliness and appearance of the nursery.

 Primary Duties

· Be present and ready to welcome children 15 minutes before the first service

  • Actively engage children so parents can leave for Sunday School or Worship
  • Supervise, play with, and read to children in conjunction with Lead Nursery Caregiver
  • Change diapers, give bottles, and fulfill other instructions of parents as needed
  • Serve snack provided by the church
  • Assist volunteers during Worship Alive (11:00am Worship Service) and in the summer assist volunteers with Kids Own Worship
  • Assist in encouraging children to clean up
  • When all children have gone following 11 o’clock service assist the lead nursery caregiver in nursery clean up.

 Weekly Work hours

Sunday mornings, 8:15 am. to 12:15 pm. during regular worship season (September-May)

Sunday mornings during summer season (June-August/ hours may vary)

 Additional Hours (assigned as needed)

-          Substitute for the lead nursery caregiver (as needed) on Wednesdays, 2:30-5:30 for 8 weeks in Oct-Nov and 8 weeks in Feb-Mar.

-          Christmas Eve and Maundy Thursday; and Tuesday before Thanksgiving every 3 years

-          Additional special services, as needed

 With 2 weeks’ notice, the assistant nursery caregiver is allowed 4 unpaid vacation weeks per year.

 The assistant nursery caregiver is responsible for filling out a biweekly time sheet, securing the signature of the Parish Associate for Children’s Ministries and returning it to the church office.


The assistant nursery caregiver will report to Olivet’s Parish Associate for Children’s Ministries.  He/she will seek to build rapport with parents of young children, the lead nursery caregiver and with volunteer nursery workers.  The Personnel Committee of Session will set up an annual review meeting in the spring to review the position description, provide feedback and encouragement, and discuss any concerns that arise.

Applicants should send their cover letter and resume to me,