Youth Trips


Throughout the course of the year, the Olivet Youth Group takes multiple trips to lots of exciting places.  Every summer, there is a Youth Mission Trip for our High School Youth. The trip rotates from a domestic trip one year, to an international trip the next. Over the years, the youth have visited places like West Virginia, Kentucky, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Belize. The yearly mission trip gives the youth an opportunity to recognize the value of service to others, and how through serving others, we are ultimately serving Christ. 

During the summer, there are also opportunities for the youth to attend Presbyterian Conferences.  The Midde School Youth attend the Massanetta Middle-School Conference that takes place every June, and the Senior-High Youth attend the Montreat Youth Conference in July. These trips are a great opportunity for youth to meet other youth from all over the country, and grow their faith, while experiencing the greater body of Christ. 

During the year, there are also opportunities for youth to travel to places like Washington, DC; New York City; and the Massanutten Resort. These weekend trips change each year, so check your calendar. 

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