Update from Bill Roberts

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When God called me to the ministry of Love In the Name of Christ (aka Love INC), he did so for many reasons, but I believe that the main reason was to teach neighbors in need…go figure! On December 16, I completed twelve weeks of instruction for our inaugural “New Image” (financial management) class. The ultimate goal of the class is for each neighbor to learn Christian financial principles that when applied consistently will move them toward financial independence and stability. As the teacher of our inaugural class (2 6-week sessions), I was blessed with six dedicated neighbors willing to learn, to share, to trust, and to allow God to change their lives. God also raised up six mentors from our partnering churches to walk beside our neighbors, to work with them in and out of class, to develop positive relationships, to hold them accountable to apply the skills learned, and to share Christ’s love. Together we learned more than just financial management skills. We learned to trust God to provide and care for his children. Through participation in the class, building relationships with other class members, and the Holy Spirit speaking to her heart, one of our neighbors, Wendy, came to accept the love that God so freely offers. On Sunday, November 17, she gave her life to God and accepted Jesus as her Savior. I feel so humbled to be a part of what God is doing in the lives of our neighbors. When I look back and see how God has used me in the ministry of Love INC, I have to give Him all the praise and glory. Now I am looking forward to what He has in store for the future! Know that your prayers, encouragement, and financial support have been a tremendous blessing for my entire family. Thank you…my Olivet family!