You're Welcome at Olivet

Olivet, a Presbyterian Church USA congregation, was founded in 1880 in the Harmony Meeting House located nearby at the time.  We seek to be a loving, inclusive, serving community grounded in faith, and relevant to life and our community and world today.

We welcome everyone here.  So come as you are, and bring your questions, doubts, and hopes.  Olivet is a place to belong, a place to make good friendships, a place to learn and grow; a place to strengthen the faith you have, discover the faith you’ve wanted, and grow in wholeness, love, and service.

We are a diverse group of people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences of church and faith. We are very aware that we are not perfect, and neither is the world we live in, but we have great hope in God’s loving   actions and glorious promises as we live into a more blessed, joyful, and peaceful future.